June Spotlight

Pride Month is celebrated every June in tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Riots. Let’s celebrate the movement outlawing the disclination against the LGBTQIA community. June 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of annual LGBTQ+ Pride traditions. Let’s support charities like: The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Point Foundation, & Time OUT Youth during Pride month. Go to HRC.org for more info

May Spotlight

May is National Mental Health Month. During the Covid-19 recovery, it’s extremely important we take care of our mental health. Please check out Nami.org for tips on how to stay healthy during this unprecedented time. 

April Spotlight

National Volunteer Month

Let’s celebrate the countless volunteers who come in all shapes and sizes. They choose a cause and make a difference in someone’s life. During the Covid-19 crisis the need for volunteers is even more urgent. Let’s observe the valuable support a volunteer gives. Remember to give a personal thank you to a volunteer near you. Check out Pointsoflight.org for virtual volunteering opportunity.

COVID-19 Update

Hi Everyone,

During this Coronavirus crisis we all face an uncertainty about the future. However, the future is not a grim place. We must be strong and work together to support one another.  While many businesses are facing an economic calamity, Recognition Model & Talent is here to provide you with additional support. While we are an event staffing agency, most if not all live events are at a standstill. We recognize most business will be conducted online during this time. Virtual events have grown exponentially in the past few years, and will continue to grow as our lives become more hectic. As Recognition grows and works towards meeting the needs of clients and staff, we will be providing virtual assistant talent for your business. A virtual assistant can assist you with social media management, answering emails, data entry, tech projects, assisting with virtual tradeshows, event management, calendar management, marketing, preparing reports, booking hotels, etc.

This is an unsettling time and once we get through this catastrophe, Recognition Model & Talent will be here to provide you with great event talent and support.



Peju Bamgboshe Rothlisberger

March Spotlight

Recognition wants to shine a Spotlight on National Nutrition Month During the month of March the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics focuses on the importance of making informed food choices, developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Go to eatright.org for more info and great healthy tips.

February Spotlight

February, we celebrate Black History Month paying homage to all of the tremendous accomplishments African Americans made in & for this country. There is a new cause we would like to celebrate as well.

National Self-Check Month is a reminder to take charge of our health and increase our odds of avoiding chronic diseases and preventable conditions. During this time, we are encouraged to not only schedule a wellness check, but to talk to loved ones about leading a healthier lifestyle.

To find out more info about Self-Check month go to selfchec.org for more info.

January Spotlight

Recognition Model & Talent would like to shine a spotlight on
National Mentor Month

National Mentor Month emphasizes the importance of mentors for youth. Celebrating mentors and the positive impact they bring to the community. To find out more about the National Mentor Month movement, go to mentoring.org